Our Plan/Schedule

One of our main priorities when establishing what we want to create content is telling stories. That is where our passion lies, and we don’t want to be beholden to any one medium.  At first our interest seemed to lie within film, and don’t get us wrong, we definitely want to be filmmakers, but ultimately, we want to tell stories.

About four years ago, I started working on my Master’s degree in creative writing, it started out of boredom and my wife told me I had to do something “take a class or something” she said, and ultimately it became an active pursuit of mine to get that degree.  In the process, I wrote many short stories, and I began writing essays, and ultimately I ended up with what I thought was a good collection, and I wanted to get it “out.”  It was already on paper, but I wanted those stories out of my system, so I edited and edited, and ended up with a book, that we at Chocolate Diamond Productions thought we should publish.  After we did that, we thought “do we want to start Chocolate Diamond Publishing?” The truth was, we sat on that question for about two years.

Now, part of my working on my Master’s included 30,000 words towards a novel.  I completed the program a year ago, and have the first 40,000 words towards my first novel.  My hope is that we have that coming in the future, but it’s likely a long way off.  So don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

One of the things that has also interested me, and I found out Adam found it interesting too, was the idea of comic books.  I have ideas for two on-going series, and one limited series, which I’ve been writing and working on developing.  I’m really excited, because as a kid I loved comics, and the idea of creating one always seemed like such a dream job.  Comics probably don’t get as much respect as they deserve because they can be such an incredible medium for story telling, and the three stories that I’ve considered for this medium, I’m not sure they would work in any other medium.

Don’t get me wrong, I considered writing them in other mediums, I thought perhaps they’d all make fine novels, but ultimately this was out of fear.  I am not a good artist when it comes to drawing, and so I convinced myself that I could make them work best as novel.  Ultimately, I just had to find the right artist to compliment my story.

Here’s what I want you to get out of this post.  We’ve told you we’re going to be podcasting, and obviously we want to continue making videos, but you should also look out for a couple of comics we’re working on, and potentially a novel.

My timeline looks like this:

  • January 2018: Announce and launch our first podcast.  Today we’re working on the first episode, but will probably need to get 2 done before we’re ready to launch, and then hopefully it will be weekly.  The podcasts will also be available on YouTube.
  • First Quarter 2018: Videos.  We desperately want to make movies again, and we’re hoping that we’ll come up with some kind of plan for short videos, and some sort of regular release schedule (I’m hoping monthly, but with the amount of things on our plates it might end up being quarterly.)
  • By the End of 2018:  I’m working on a project which will end up being more closer to feature length, and experimental.  I’ve given myself some goals and hope to be done with this by the end of 1 year.
  • 2019: As much as I love the ideas I’m working with in the realm of comics, I am not sure that hoping to release in 2018 is going to happen.  In fact, I’m relatively confident that it won’t.  In addition to writing the actual material for the comics, I need to make sure the artist that I’m working with is capable of doing it, and his process will take a while, in addition to figuring out the best publishing methods.
  • Also 2019: I’m hoping to finish my first draft in the next few months, and then after that I’ll start the process of rewriting and editing.  I don’t see how it’s possible to expect that this will all be accomplished in the next year, but I’m diligent so it will happen eventually.

So here’s the important thing, I’m going to keep you up to date every week, and we should start having actual content in the next week or two!  Thanks for hanging in there!

Published by Michael Christopher Cole

I'm a blogger, writer, and editor. I currently contribute to World's Best Media, as well as publishing content on my own page, and also have a fictional blog time-travel series, entitled "Without a Tether," that I'm really proud of.

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