Off to a Good Start

Hi Everyone,

We’re only a couple of days into 2018, and we here at Chocolate Diamond Media have a lot going on so far.

My wife, Sarah, and I recorded our first podcast, and will hopefully be recording the second this weekend.  Once the second episode is recorded we’ll make an official announcement about the podcast, as well as start posting the episodes to podcast platforms, and video versions to YouTube.  My hope is by having two recorded before launching it that we’ll be able to keep on a pace of roughly one episode a week!

On the video side of things, we wrote the first draft of a short video/film project that I hope to be able to post by the end of the month.  There is still some refining to do to really get the script up to the standards we’re hoping for, but I think that for a first draft we’re in good shape.

Ultimately, my hope is that next Thursday when I update you, we’ll already have posted our first episode of our podcast.

Thank you all for your support, and please let us know what you want to see from us in the comments below.

Published by Michael Christopher Cole

I'm a blogger, writer, and editor. I currently contribute to World's Best Media, as well as publishing content on my own page, and also have a fictional blog time-travel series, entitled "Without a Tether," that I'm really proud of.

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