Progress and Delays

Hi Everyone,

This week we purchased the domains and, which is realistically not going to affect you our viewers/readers/listeners, but does affect certain things on the business end (apparently you can’t get approved for AdSense without a proper url.)  So that was our success for the week.

I had originally hoped that we’d be ready to make the official announcement and upload the first episode of our podcast by today, but it’s been delayed.  We’ve recorded two episodes, but we’re trying to get all the technical stuff taken care of with the podcast hosting site, and I think that it should be ready to go up next week!  However, since we’ve been teasing it for a while now, it seems like maybe it would be a good idea to go ahead and officially announce what we’re doing for our podcast.

My wife and I, are going to do a podcast in which every episode we will be watching a film that won the Best Picture Academy Award, starting with the 1929 Academy awards, and progressing chronologically until we are caught up.  We’ll be discussing the films not only on their own merit, but in regards to how we regard them now and the historical context of each.  Like I said, we’ve recorded two episodes, and the third film should be arriving today or tomorrow, so by the time the first episode goes up next week, we will have three episodes ready to go.

Obviously, we will be updating on here, so if you’re interested, please subscribe to this blog for updates on that as well as all other projects we’ll be creating.

Thank you,


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I'm a blogger, writer, and editor. I currently contribute to World's Best Media, as well as publishing content on my own page, and also have a fictional blog time-travel series, entitled "Without a Tether," that I'm really proud of.

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