February Goals

Hi Everyone,

December was the month we reworked our website; January we began and launched our podcast (check it out on Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher, or YouTube); and this month, we’re working hard on posting our first new short film!

Last month, while I was working on everything else, I began writing a script for a short film, and I’m hoping to shoot this coming weekend.  The idea, that I’m hoping to be able to follow through on, is that on our YouTube channel, we’ll be able to create a short film every month. I’m hoping these films will be between 2-5 minutes in lengths, and I would describe the first one (not sure if it will be a template for future films or just a one-time thing) will be non-narrative, and slightly experimental in nature.  If I like the format, and have further ideas, we may stick with it, but we may also make the shorts more traditional in story-telling techniques, while we’re working on production, I’ve begun deciding which idea that I have, may make a good second effort based on our budget and capability.

As the month progresses, I hope to share some production photos on here, as well as Instagram of the film, and give you a hint about the subject matter.  Please keep an eye out for it by subscribing here or on our YouTube Channel (or both if you’re generous).

What kind of content are you hoping to see from us?  Let us know in the comments below.

Published by Michael Christopher Cole

I'm a blogger, writer, and editor. I currently contribute to World's Best Media, as well as publishing content on my own page, and also have a fictional blog time-travel series, entitled "Without a Tether," that I'm really proud of.

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