A Productive Week of Production

If you’re a follower of our Instagram or Facebook accounts, you’ll probably already know this, but this last weekend we shot our first short film in 5 years, as well as announcing that it will be entitled “Spooning.”  There’s a lot of editing to do, and I still have to do some foley work, but we’re really excited that we’re hoping to reveal it on February 28th.  So stay tuned.  If you want an alert when we post it to YouTube, you can go on our channel and subscribe.

We also released episode 5 of Mike and Sarah’s Best Picture Podcast, in which we discussed the 1931 film, Cimarron.  We have a conversation about how the film is extremely progressive in its politics for 1931, and perhaps more so for the time period the majority of the film takes place over (1889-1929).  It’s a good listen, or if you’re a completion-ist like we are (kind of the point of the podcast) you can start from the beginning with 1929’s Wings.

So, we have 2 weeks left of February, and where do we stand? Well, our first goal had been to continue the podcast, which we will definitely be able to maintain our current production schedule, and have no problem delivering on.  Our second goal was to begin to create some kind of video content beyond the visual version of the podcast, and assuming that we can have “Spooning,” completed by the end of the month, we will have accomplished all of our goals for February.

So let me ask you all this? What are you looking for us to make in the future? I doubt we can continue expanding our line-up by a new ‘thing’ every month, but there is definitely a lot we want to do as we move forward, and we’re interested in hearing what you’d like to see us do.  So let us know in the comments below.

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