A Success and a Setback

This week, as promised, we released our first new short, “Spooning,” on Tuesday.

We’ve received good feedback so far, watch it and tell us what you think!

We’re thrilled, and we’ve already begun pre-production on March’s short film.

Unfortunately, with this success came a small setback.  We’ve been steadily releasing our podcast episodes on a weekly basis, but this week we failed to do so.  To be honest, for some reason, the sound was particularly poor quality, and no amount of sound editing would fix it, so instead of putting out an obnoxious episode in which, you would be able to understand everything, but would be frustrated and probably tune out before it was half over, we’re going to re-record (unfortunately, Sarah’s away on business for the week, and so we’ll have to wait until she returns).  So next week’s episode will not skip a film, we will in fact have 1933’s Cavalcade up and ready for you then.

In the mean time, we’re going to be releasing a ‘bonus’ episode, in which I and a couple of guests will discuss this year’s crop of Best Picture nominees which should be up before the Oscars on Sunday, but will definitely be recorded before hand, so we will not know who the winner is, and we’ll ultimately get to the winner in about 85 weeks.

Thank you all for keeping up to date with us, and please let us know what you think of “Spooning!”

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