Coming Soon!

While we haven’t written an update for the site in a while, we’ve been working consistently.  The Podcast has been coming out every week (except for one due to tech difficulties), and we’ve been improving our equipment.

We’ve been working on our next short film which I think will be ready either Friday or Saturday.  The short is going to be called “Crying.”  It will be funnier than it sounds.  I swear.

In addition to filming for this short, I’ve recently upgraded to the current Final Cut Pro, and it’s kind of like riding a bike.  I had used Final Cut before X, and then I had been using Final Cut Express which was the limited options, and I had always thought it was everything I needed, but ultimately the program started to degrade as my laptop got older, and it was too difficult, so I turned to iMovie as a temporary solution, and I was pretty pleased with the functionality on iMovie, but now that I’m back on Final Cut Pro, I feel as if I’m really editing again.  I have some catching up to do, but this short is going to be pretty simple edits, so I think that’ll be a good training process.

So, I hope that you’ll all check out our short “Crying,” which will be posting by the end of the month, and if you’d do me a favor, please go to our YouTube channel and subscribe.  Right now we have all of our old shorts from years ago, video versions of our podcasts, the first new short, “Spooning,” which will hopefully give you an idea of the style that many of our upcoming shorts will be in.  We’ve kind of been looking at this new format as being written like a stand up routine, and then accompanying it with related video to create the whole concept.

Lastly, Adam and I spoke last night, and we’re going to be adding a second video upload monthly, and it won’t be a short film, but it will be some kind of behind the scenes as I build up (or build back depending on the skill) my filmmaking skills, and learn about different processes.  With our short films coming at the end of each month, please look for these BTS videos around mid-month.

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