A New Short Film and Other Updates

Last week, we posted on YouTube our second short film, “Crying.”

Now, with March’s short film complete and up, we’re beginning work on April’s short.  April’s short film, will not follow the same formula as the previous two.  What I had been going for with those, was a type of ‘stand-up’ like monologue mixed with visual representation.  I’m not necessarily done with that format, but when brainstorming ideas, I found one that had more of a narrative/mockumentary style, and so we’ll be doing that in April.

In addition to that, we’re hoping that next Sunday (and the fifteenth of every month) to post a new video that is a bit more behind the scenes.  The concept behind that series will be that we’re slowly building back Chocolate Diamond after we have neglected it so long, and a bit part of that process will be retraining, because much of the process, and the business of video/filmmaking has shifted and changed, and so we’re trying to become “Jacks of all trades” again, which is imperative to being an independent filmmaker, or YouTube creator.

My hope is for that second series, we’ll cover a different topic each month, and while it may be a “behind the scenes” look, it will also be a type of training/introduction style video for people in the same boat as us, needing to learn all this information.

Please let us know what you think of “Crying,” and if you like it, please go subscribe to our YouTube channel!  If you have any topic that you’d like to see for our BTS/Instructional video series, please let us know!

Thank you.


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