Two Additional Monthly Uploads Announcement!

It’s (basically) June, and we’ve had two months of Back to Film School episodes, and 4 months of short films, and we’ve been trying to fill our YouTube roster with some kind of weekly content, and so we’re proud to announce, we’ll have two more videos a month.

On the 7th of each month, we’ll be posting “Chocolate Diamond finds Inspiration” in which we’ll talk about a song, or film, or book, or some other piece which has inspired us to keep creating.  Whether it’s a film that’s so good we hope to emulate it, or a song telling us to keep pushing through.  This will be a short (under 2 minutes) video each month, and will link to the source material so that you can share in the inspiration it has given us.

On the third week of each month (set date is due to change due to scheduling, but we’ll always be announcing ahead of time when it’s coming) we’ll be livestreaming on our channel.  Even though Adam and I are typically 1000 miles apart, we’ll be livestreaming (and Skyping or whatever technology allows us to both participate) to talk about what we’re working on, what challenges we’re facing, what our goals are, and hopefully to interact with any live viewers.  This livestream will be “The Board Meeting.”

So this is what our release schedule will look like:

  • The 7th of the month: “Chocolate Diamond finds Inspiration”
  • The 15th of the month: “Back to Film School
  • Third week of the month: “The Board Meeting”
  • Last day of the month: The new short film

Also, we’ll be releasing Mike and Sarah’s Best Picture Podcast, every week.

Please click the button below to join the Chocolate Diamond community:


Check out this month’s short film, which outlines the downsides of having such a common name as Michael:

Check out the most recent episode of Mike and Sarah’s Best Picture Podcast, which covered the 1942 classic film “Casablanca”:

Or the Audio Only Version.

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