Crowdfunding Questions

Hey Everyone,

Last week, we announced that we’d completed our script for a first feature film, and we’ve been developing the concept for a while (we mentioned that the YouTube shorts kind of started as a way for us to create a specific type of film and begin to hone our skills).  Well, since we’ve been writing the script while doing development work, we think we may be ready to shoot as early as September, and so Adam and I have been working on some of the details of that process.

One thing that we’ve been researching is “crowdfunding,” and since you, our fans are our ‘crowd’ we wanted to talk to you about that.  So first off, let me pitch you the movie:

Our film is going to be in the style of our shorts (like “Spooning”“Crying”, and The Problems with “Michael,” “Mike,” & “Mikey”) in that it’s going to be semi ‘stand-up’-ish kind of material, paired with visual and audio components.  This will likely put it into the ‘experimental’ category of film.

Unlike those shorts, obviously this will be feature length, and where those tend to be topics that lend themselves to short somewhat detached commentary, with the main goal being to create comedy, this feature will be a longer story and exploration of a much deeper concept, and hopefully it will still be very funny, but hopefully it will also have a significant amount of depth to it that helps it stand out from our shorts.

The concept is that of depression, and the struggle with it.  We won’t be shying away from the unpretty parts, and the subject itself will not be a joke, but the comedy that will come out of it will be more intense, and darker than what you’ve seen from us so far.  The story is the true story, of my own personal battle with depression (spoiler alert, I survive until the end of the film!).

So that’s our pitch what do you think?

The reason, we want to keep you all in the loop, is that we will need some help getting this film made, and we’re trying to figure out how many people are able and willing to help in that process, before we start going down this road.

So this is what I’m asking you, if you want to learn more about our film please sign up for this specific mailing list, all we require is your email address, (you can remain anonymous) and if you don’t want to answer any of the questions don’t, but we appreciate and all information you share with us.

We’re still trying to work out the details for our monthly live stream, and will have an update on that next month hopefully.  Stay tuned.

Check out our latest episode of Mike and Sarah’s Best Picture Podcast, in this episode we talk about the movie “The Lost Weekend,” all about an alcoholic hitting rock bottom.

Audio Only Version.


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