We Got Flagged!

I just logged onto YouTube and was told that a video I had posted 6 years ago had been flagged and removed.  The claim was that it was deceptive or spam related content. It’s interesting to me, because the video has been up for all those years and with about 9 thousand views was by far our most successful video.

Now, I kind of suspect that the fact that I’d tagged it with “the change-up” which was a Ryan Reynolds film with a similar plot (it’s just a different play on Freaky Friday as a sex comedy, neither of one of us was being particularly clever), and that because Ryan Reynolds doesn’t appear in my video, I think that could be the problem.  I get that, and it’s probably a legitimate issue with YouTube’s user agreement, but I did tag it as such in 2011 when the film came out, so I’m not aware of the situation back then.

Anyway, I’ve appealed the decision, and hopefully they’ll allow me to remove the tags if those are in fact the issues for which it has been flagged.

I’m not mad that it’s been taken down, and if it stays down, that’s ok, it’s certainly not what I want our current brand identity to be, as I’m hoping we make better quality, more engaging, and more original content, but I’m a little disappointed.  Because, I’m trying to learn how to make my channel better, including how to reach more people, and I’m doing AB tests to see what is working, and trying to grow viewership, and ultimately, as the most successful video on our YouTube channel, I was hoping that I would be able to use it for those purposes.  I had today gone into the video and added end-cards to link to new videos, along with the other older videos, to see if the content correlated correctly.

A second concern that I have, is that I don’t want the flag on my record.  If I did something incorrect, please give me the chance to correct it, or if it no longer met community guidelines, take it down, and remove the flag?  I’m not sure how it works, but since January when we relaunched, I’ve been very meticulous about not infringing on copyright and following fair use rules, as well as trying to create a very honest marketing strategy (if I’d broken the rules, I like to think I’d be getting more views) in an attempt to make a channel that would be sustainable, and hopefully carve out our own niche, and I just hope this isn’t a trend.

So, my question to you all is this: How’re you growing your YouTube brand, or if you’re not a YouTuber, how do you typically find YouTube content to consume?  Please tell me in the comments below.

Side note: Adam and I had been planning on doing a Livestream show once a month, and until this flag remains on our account, we won’t be allowed to livestream.  I suppose the solution to that could be to Facebook Live, and then upload later to YouTube.  I’m not exactly sure what we’re going to do yet.


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