We’re Having a Contest!

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen, but we’re doing a give-away, 4 of our subscribers to our YouTube channel will be given $5 gift cards to (Amazon, Starbucks, or Visa).  The only thing that we ask is that you be a subscriber before the last day of the month, and that you have your status on YouTube set so that we can see you (can’t enter your name into the drawing if we can’t see it).

What you WON’T get from participating in this contest:

  • Any emails, notifications, or other spam/harassment
  • Any YouTube notifications (unless you set alerts)

So please, help us out and go subscribe.  If you do, you’ll be automatically entered into any further subscriber contests we have in the future!

The winner will be announced in our July film which will post on the last day of the month.

Thank you,

Check out the latest episode of Back to Film School:

We will be watching 1948’s Hamlet, and recording an episode of “Mike and Sarah’s Best Picture Podcast” discussing it, but we’ve been having a hard time, finding the time to sit down for 2 and a half hours of solid concentration.

In the mean time, check out last week’s episode about the film “Gentleman’s Agreement:”

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