A Bonus Short Film This Month!

I’ve been trying to keep with 1 short film a month as a minimum, to assure that we’re putting out a reasonable amount of content, while at the same time not committing to too much, and letting the quality (or the improvement) slip.  This month, I have been working on the regular film that will be out on Tuesday, but I also had a film that I wanted to make that was time-sensitive.

So this month you’re getting the main film, but a couple of days ago, we also released another film, that is a comedy take on what we (originally Paul of World’s Best Media) think must be going on behind the scenes every time Tom Cruise takes on a new Mission Impossible, and more importantly a new, bigger-than-the-last stunt.  It must be a really tense life walking that particular line.  Check it out:

Let us know what you think in the comments below, and if you like it, please subscribe!  All subscribers will be entered into a drawing where 4 winners will get $5 gift cards.

Sorry for the second week in a row without a new episode of the podcast, but Sarah and I are having a very difficult time finding the time to get through Hamlet, which neither of us is previously familiar with (if you take out the exception of us having seen The Lion King).  It’s not to give you excuses, but we refuse to skip, so we’re working our way through it, and it hasn’t been easy.  Hopefully it’ll be up next week.


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