Check Out the Teaser for Our Feature!

This week we launched the IndieGoGo campaign to help fund our first feature film, and in the process, we created a ‘thematic’ trailer for the film:

This film is going to be called “Just a Pinprick of Light” as the trailer shows, and here is the basic pitch:

I started struggling with depression at the age of 13, and it has been a long road, with plenty of twists and turns, and I want to tell you about it.  At 18 I was diagnosed with manic depressive disorder, and while many people focus on the depressive, there is a lot of mania that makes up a major portion of my life.  The natural ups and downs of being manic depressive allow my story to be one similar to a film’s natural structure.  Will you be upset by my story? Possibly.  Will you be entertained? Probably.

A sense of humor was necessary to survive this, and in the fact that manic depressives are MORE of everything, I think there is MORE funny about my story than others, even if there is also MORE that is upsetting or disturbing.

To learn more about “Just a Pinprick of Light” please check out our IndieGoGo campaign. We totally understand if you’re not able to contribute, but watching the video, or sharing the campaign with anyone who might be interested are also very helpful to us, so please at least watch the video. Thank you.

We finally posted our Hamlet episode of Sarah and Mike’s Best Picture Podcast:

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