Contests and Full Scale Pre-Production

In addition to our current YouTube line-up, we’ve had a few other film projects on our hands.

First, we’re making a short documentary, which we’ll be entering into the LaCie Collective Me&My contest.  We filmed this past Sunday, and while we’re still heavily in the editing stage, I think that we have some of the best subject matter/footage we’ve had to date.  So I’m super excited, even if we don’t win, to be able to explore the documentary space was something that I’d kind of been curious about in the past, and I think it’s definitely something I found interesting/rewarding to participate.  The deadline is November 11th, so we should have the video up on YouTube by that time, and we’ll let you all know about it.

The next film contest that we’re planning on participating in (and have our concept ready to go once our production schedule slows down in the next week or so) is FilmRiot and Filmstro’s 1-Minute Short Film Contest.  The truth is, we had an idea for a short film which would have likely been November’s short on the channel, and then I saw this contest and thought it would be perfect for it.  I don’t want to say too much about the film, but I’ll tease this, it’s another genre-bending weird film, like our Pineapple Pizza film, but we’ve improved our technical capabilities, and I think it could be even better.  Again, as soon as this is entered into the contest, we’ll have it up for you.

Now onto the third piece of big film news, and that is that we’ve really started in preproduction of our feature film Just a Pinprick of Light.  This past Tuesday, we had our very first rehearsal/read-through/script workshop of the first act, and I’m thinking about seeing what if anything I can do to make a BTS video series on the channel about the making of our film, so that you all can see the progress as we go forward.  We’re also working on securing the location for our shooting, and scheduling, so hopefully in the next couple of weeks, we’ll be fully into the production process.  On this one, I guess I have a question for you all.  Would you be interested in seeing behind the scenes updates of the filmmaking process?  Let me know in the comments below.

Sarah and Mike’s Best Picture Podcast has been delayed in new episodes due to weather/travel/parenting obstacles, but we’ll be returning hopefully in the next week with our episode about On the Waterfront.  Please bare with us on these delays, because we love doing the show, but scheduling is very difficult for us on this.

This past Monday, we had our second, and mostly successful YouTube Live Stream, and it was all about Mike’s personal history with stand-up comedy.  Check it out and let us know what you think:

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