YouTube Announcement

When we started making shorts for the channel again, back in February, we decided on one a month, so that we were constantly working on something, but not overtaxing ourselves, and that worked pretty well.

Then as we started to get into the grove, we announced Back to Film School, then Moment of Inspiration, and our Live Streams, because we didn’t want to take on more short films monthly and overdo it, but we also realized that if we’re going to build a YouTube audience, we need to offer content more consistently (ideally weekly).  So we began doing that, and it worked pretty well.

In August we released 3 short films, because we had ideas that were time sensitive, and maintained the rest of our shooting schedule, and that’s when I realized if we needed to, we could definitely do more than 1 short film a month, now.  I’m glad we didn’t dive right into that back in February, but we’re there now.  So that’s good.

Ultimately, we want to make our channel into a brand, and the Moment of Inspiration videos tended to be off brand, regardless of how hard I tried to pull them into the subject matter.  The live streams aren’t necessarily off brand, but they’re the newest addition, and I think they make more sense when it comes to announcements, or specific events.  So, as of this month, we will be canceling both of those series.

Going forward, we’ll rotate every other week will be a new short film, and in between weeks will be Back to Film School.  This is what we want our brand to be, at least on YouTube, is filmmaking.  As we gain momentum, we will definitely pursue other mediums, but they will likely not be on YouTube.

In addition to doubling the amount of shorts, and back to film schools, we will be make them both more thorough.  Back to Film School, will hopefully become a “go-to” tutorial series for aspiring young filmmakers, and our shorts will push our limitations, and creativity further and further.

What do you think of this new decision?  Please let us in the comments below, and tell us whether you’re more excited/interested in Back to Film School or our shorts!

Thank you for your support, if you haven’t already, go check out our YouTube channel, and if you like it, please subscribe.

Check out our latest short film, about which is better, the lottery or scratch tickets:

Two of our videos are really close to milestone view counts, so if you could help us out and check out each:

Spooning (our first short film as Chocolate Diamond Media) is close to hitting 1,000 views.

Switcheroo (a 7 year-old faux trailer) is nearing 10,000 views.

We’ve started work on the “On the Waterfront” episode of Sarah and Mike’s Best Picture Podcast, and will hopefully have that up in the next week.  Then with travel all done, and Halloween over, and hurricane season over (hopefully) we’re hoping to resume our semi-regular release schedule.

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