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Chocolate Diamond Media is a small team determined to create media content that they find appealing.  We’re working hard to constant improvement in the technical and artistic quality of their content, and pushing themselves to become the fully capable creators they’ve always intended to be.

Michael Christopher Cole, and Adam T. Betts II started off the venture as Chocolate Diamond Productions in 2008.  We had hoped to create feature films, and began the journey towards that goal by creating a string of short videos for the YouTube platform.

In 2015, we published a book that Michael wrote, entitled “Everything I’ve Got.”  He had been working on a wide variety of short stories, essays, and poems for his personal blog, school assignments, and submissions, and decided he had enough that we could publish them as a collection.

At the end of 2017, after a long hiatus, and much consideration, they announced the name change from “Chocolate Diamond Productions” to “Chocolate Diamond Media,” in order to reflect the diverse types of projects they began producing in 2018, including podcasts, and publications, in addition to a renewed effort toward film and video production.