Ads, Brand Films, and More!

We want to make a new promo video, will showcase your business. Are you restaurant owner? We want to showcase your delectable food selections, and make them as appeal as much visually as they would to the sense of smell and taste in person. Are you a local brewery? Let’s make a video showing off the craftsmanship that goes into your beer, and then top the video off with a beautiful hero shot of your ale or lager standing triumphant.

No matter what your product or service, we want to work with you to help you engage your audience, to show them what you have to offer, and connect with them.

There is something that a photo by itself cannot capture. By having video content, you are able to show the process, the labor, to get your product ready for your customer; camera movement can help you highlight the detail and texture; and music can create an invisible ambiance that a photo would be lacking. In addition, to showcasing, we have the opportunity to tell your story as a business owner; perhaps that is the a generations long story of effort to bring a family recipe to the masses, or just your own personal dream of making something that you love and selling it. These factors draw people, and make them want what you are selling, and not just what is being sold.

Project Details


  • Create a video that showcases your business
  • Tell your story
  • Connect viewers with you, and create desire for your business
  • Make customers feel a sense of connection, even after they’ve purchased


  • You will get my total attention and passion, on this project.
  • I will make for you the best video that I am capable, but will also work with you to not only ensure that it’s a great video, but one that you feel aligns with your brand identity and makes you proud.


Our Value to you

Video content in social media is as important as still photography, and yet largely companies don’t seem to understand how to properly expand their audience with use of high quality videos. Boomerangs and story videos are great, but by adding more, by adding a more comprehensive video to your Instagram, as well as more developed story videos, you can capture more attention.

A perfectly framed, and exposed photo can capture attention, but if scrolling down the ‘#food’ or ‘#freshpasta’ sections a user happens upon a video; with mixture of stylized editing, glamour shots of the product, and a human story; they’re more likely to stop and watch, and it will lead them to your profile, which in turn makes them more likely to follow, and be aware of your brand.


  • You will receive a promo video that is 2-3 minutes long, and 4-5 ‘story’ versions clips— horizontal format for Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook ‘Stories.’
  • You will receive a promo video that is 2-3 minutes long,
  • a short social media— a 45 second to 1 minute trailer— version, 4-5 ‘story’ versions clips — horizontal format for Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook ‘Stories,’ and 20 Still photographs to use as you like.