Production of Our Feature Starts December 1st

After a lot of hype, and planning, and preproduction, and fundraising, we have a shooting date for the first of our 3 major shooting dates!  As we’ve mentioned before, the film is going to be largely about my personal battle with depression, and will be a long stand-up comedy/one-man show style monologue, with lots of other visual elements woven into it.  Well, one of the major hurdles was finding and securing a location, specifically a location which we could shoot 3 days over the course of three months.

Last Friday, we secured the location, and will be able to begin shooting on December 1st.  We’ve already done a read through and rehearsal for the first act, and if you’ve been watching our videos over the last year, you’ve been noticing my beard growing in specifically for this purpose.  After we’ve filmed the first day, our plan is to verify that we’ve got all we need, and give me a month to slim down (not majorly, but hopefully enough to show a physical transformation) and shave down to my more standard goatee, and then shoot the second day’s section.  After that, I need to keep pushing hard because we’re going to do the same thing, this time with the ‘thinnest’ me, and bare faced.

Would a behind the scenes series on the making of this film be interesting to you?  Please let us know in the comments below.

Last week, we asked you all for your help.  Our video “Switcheroo,” was approaching 10,000 views, and a couple of days ago, we hit 10k and have kept going! Thank you so much for that.  We’re not exactly sure why this particular video took on this life when we have others which are as old and even older, and none of them have even hit the 1000 barrier, but I guess that’s the power and randomness of the YouTube algorithm at work!

Now, Switcheroo is a 7 year-old video, and so it’s been getting views slowly over a long period of time, but one of our more recent short films, the one which kicked off the “Chocolate Diamond Media” era (as opposed to the “Chocolate Diamond Productions” era) Spooning is only 13 views from hitting 1,000 views.  It will only be our second film to hit the 1k mark, and so we’re asking if you’re reading this, please click and watch it below.  It’s only 6 minutes long, and it is a pretty good introduction to what we’re trying to make now.

Let us know what you think about that one!

This week, we had a new episode of our “Back to Film School” series, in which we talk about flat video formats, color correction and grading, and Davinci Resolve.  It’s a little more in depth than some of our previous BtFS episodes, and more representative of where we’re going to take the series from now on.

Also, while the episode is specifically for video production, this particular episode applies pretty well to still photography as well.  You can learn how to get a better, more manipulable image, which obviously is great for photographers of all types.

Should our next BtFS episode in 2 weeks stay on the topic of Color Grading, perhaps going even further in depth, or is there a different subject you’d like to see us cover?

This coming Wednesday, we’re going to be releasing our next short film, and this is not going to be anything like our previous films.  It is not vlog style, or narrative, but will instead be a short documentary, which we’re creating for LaCie’s ME&MY contest.

They’ve asked that all the shorts be under 5 minutes, and profile an artist or other creative person who inspires us.  Now that covers a wide variety of possibilities, but our short is going to stand out, not only from the others in the contest, but from everything that we’ve created before, and we really think that it’s going to be the film which starts to shift us toward more professional level filmmaking.  If you want to be notified of it when it comes, go to our YouTube channel, subscribe and click the bell, and you’ll be notified as soon as the video goes public!