How Our Most Recent Loss, was Also a Win

If you’ve been following us for the last month, you might know that we made a video for Vimeo and Vocal.Media’s “Pay It Forward” contest. Well, Friday they announced the winners, and we weren’t in the top 3. The top 3 were really good videos, covering really good businesses doing important work, and ultimately if we had to lose, it’s a comfort losing to them.

The truth though, is that we may not have won, but we came out with a great sample video to show potential clients (please keep in mind when looking at the titling, that there were 15 fonts, and very limited customization options within Vimeo Create, which was the required editor for the contest). We worked with a food truck that not only had a great product and customer base, but an amazing visual appeal, with their dumplings looking absolutely delicious, and their truck having a great look to it.

In the couple of weeks since we released our video with them, we’ve managed to get more eyes on our video than ever before, which has been great as our content is becoming stronger and more professional. An unexpected, and interesting benefit of partnering with Chirba Chirba Dumpling Truck, is that the name “Chirba Chirba” translates to “Eat eat” in Mandarin, which has meant that all of our work in which we’ve been talking about Chirba Chirba, has been bringing us dozens of views on which is a Chinese search engine. It took me a while to figure out why, as I kept checking analytics we were getting so many views in China, and then when I went into Google Analytics to get even more specific details and saw that Baidu was feeding the views to us, I was absolutely puzzled, then I remembered that when I had been doing all of my research on Chirba Chirba in order to make their video the best that I could, that I had read in their about page on their website about how it translated.

We fully embrace happy accidents. Happy accidents, unexpected benefits, they’re important for us to navigate them well in order to pursue success. I’m a big fan of the old adage “Luck is when hard work meets opportunity,” well we’ve been putting in the hard work, so now as the opportunities pop up, we’re ready to take them.

I originally hoped that we could possibly win the contest, and the cash prize that it came with, and I thought “at least I’ll get another good sample video out of it.” I think that was the right attitude, but I couldn’t imagine that I would get such a gracious partner that helped to share the video as much as they did, and I didn’t count on getting some attention from their peers, or that somehow I would randomly hit a great keyword string in China, and start getting random views. I never could have expected it, and it’s been such a great experience. We may have lost, but I feel like I’m walking away with a lot more than a loser.

Live from My Guestroom/Office, It’s Wednesday Morning!

If I’m being completely honest with you, I don’t have much to write about this week. The truth is, even though I’ve been keeping busy during this “stay at home” order, there isn’t that much that is new, or interesting to write a weekly blog about. My original thought when I started blogging weekly on here, was that I would write about what we were doing here at Chocolate Diamond, and also thoughts about the industry, and insights into business, but 8 weeks into basically not seeing people, has dried up a lot of that.

So what is there to talk about?

I guess the big thing, is to kind of talk about what we’ve already mentioned, that happens to still be going on. I can remind you, in case you’re new, or if you’ve missed the past couple of weeks, that we made an entry video and article into a contest trying to spotlight small businesses that could use support during this time. We made a video about Chirba Chirba Dumpling Truck, which we’re extremely proud of. Some of the best feedback we’ve received has been “oh man, now I want some dumplings,” which makes me excited to think that someone 600 miles away from Chirba Chirba’s mouth is watering for their dumplings.

In addition to that video, we’ve also been working slowly on our keyframing a spec ad, and we’re hoping to have that posted soon, but it’s a more difficult task to finish while quarantined with a 4 year-old. So we’re just taking it slowly but surely, and hopefully soon we’ll have that posted.

Lastly, we talked about crowd sourcing a documentary about what we’re doing during this time. Something that would hopefully highlight the human spirit in this time. It’s not too late to participate. Are you turning your garage into a driving range, or trying to read all the great American novels, or learning a new skill? Tell us about it, and let us share your story.

We’ll leave you with a simple question, what do you want to know? Tell us in the comments, are you interested in our insights into the video/film industry, how we think video can play into business as a whole, or do you like our personal stories? Whatever it is you think that we should be updating most often on, please tell us in the comments.

Getting Attention and Business During COVID and Beyond

Many of the “Shelter in Place/Stay at Home” orders are expiring over the next week or so, and even in the places that will remain under those orders there is going to be some desire to return to normalcy, and so businesses like yours, and ours, need to begin thinking about what we can do to maximize this time, and prepare for eventually resuming business whether that means ‘as usual’ or not.

One thing that we at Chocolate Diamond Media have begun to do in order to prepare, is started thinking about limited video/photography/editing services right now. A lot of these services might also line up with your own relaunch/rebrand/reopening. Take a look at a list of specifics in order to see if anything clicks with you, but I think you’ll find our offerings help maintain social distancing guidelines at reasonable prices.

  • No contact, <60 second video promoting your business/product. $100

    We’ll discuss what you’re looking for exactly, write up a proposal, and create an easy to accomplish shot-list that you can film on your own, and then we’ll edit them together for you. This will include licensing music in order to make your video more appealing, and capture your audience’s attention.

  • Edit a video compiling pics/existing footage $75

    This one is a little more straight forward, you send us your existing videos and pictures, and we make a cohesive montage, including licensed music.

  • Real Estate Videography $250

    If you’re trying to sell your house, or if you’re a realtor trying to keep moving during all of this, real estate videography can be a good alternative to open houses. Instead of dozens of families walking through your house, I can come in with masks and gloves, film the outside and in with minimal contact (really only doorknobs and light switches), and show the world the home you’re trying to sell. I don’t have a drone, and right now getting a license to operate one for commercial use seems to be a difficult task, but we can still do a thorough job presenting your property in an appealing and professional manner. This video will also include licensed music.

You may notice that Real Estate Videography is not something we’ve been offering previously, we’re really proud to add that to our list, and since the booming real estate in this area seems to be thriving through all of this, we thought that maybe a good work around for people wanting to show their property but not wanting to have to go through the hassle of an open house during a pandemic might appreciate this alternative.

We don’t yet have a sample reel of a real estate video, and that will be taken into account as real estate video clients will only be charged if they want to post the video that we create for them, to ensure that they are satisfied with the quality of the video.

Last week’s post we talked about our entry into and Vimeo’s “Pay It Forward” contest, and if you haven’t already, please check out our entry into it, and let us know what you think about it.