A Call to Action (From the Comfort of Quarantine)

We’re looking for submissions to include in a documentary about what people are doing from the confine’s of quarantine.

How COVID-19 Affects Business

We don’t have any groundbreaking insights into the COVID-19 virus, or public health in general. We’re smart enough to understand that it’s greatly important that we take it seriously, and that we as a people band together and do everything within our control to contain the spread of this virus. Personally, I’ve been working pretty much from home so far in 2020, in trying to build this business up.

Finding a Video Niche

So is food our niche here at Chocolate Diamond Media? I don’t know about that. It’s too early to tell, but we’re passionate about it, and knowledgable about it, and it’s as good an avenue as any to start down. Maybe we’ll make half a dozen videos and find out we’re supposed to be making videos for all of the tech companies, but we won’t know until we start down that road.