The Jump to 4K/Cinema Cameras

There is a common thought in the film and video industry is that “the camera isn’t as important as the cameraman.” I would argue that this is absolutely true, but at a certain level, cameras do become an important factor. If you’re just starting in filmmaking, you don’t need to go out and buy the best camera on the market. Start out with your camera phone, or a DSLR, and start filming, and learning and practicing all the different camera techniques, and get yourself going with that.

Preparing to Film

All the prep is to make your shooting experience easier, and more successful. For most of us in this line of work, the shoot is the fun part, and we have to prep to make the fun part as fun as possible. If I realize an hour in that I don’t have something I needed or that I have to adjust my shooting setup to fix some lack of planning, it’s time and effort spent in the wrong place.

Strategically Investing in Yourself

Investing in yourself, and your business, has to be strategic. Make the smart decision, so that you can make the fun decision. Perhaps more importantly, if you make the smart decisions, eventually the fun decision will be the smart decision. If your business is something you’re passionate about, I don’t really see how at some point these two ideas won’t converge.