Just a Pinprick of Light

I want to make a film telling the story of my struggle with manic depression. My hope is to bring an understanding of my personal journey through a this feature length combination of comedy and story telling. I’ve been working on a combination of VLOG format filmmaking mixed with stand-up style writing, and now I have a feature length script that I think will translate well. In our trailer you can see a sample of the style with which I’ll be making the movie, as well as the content.

Short Summary

I started struggling with depression at the age of 13, and it has been a long road, with plenty of twists and turns, and I want to tell you about it.  At 18 I was diagnosed with manic depressive disorder, and while many people focus on the depressive, there is a lot of mania that makes up a major portion of my life.  The natural ups and downs of being manic depressive allow my story to be one similar to a film’s natural structure.  Will you be upset by my story? Possibly.  Will you be entertained? Probably.

A sense of humor was necessary to survive this, and in the fact that manic depressives are MORE of everything, I think there is MORE funny about my story than others, even if there is also MORE that is upsetting or disturbing.

What We Need & What You Get

We’re asking for $2500 to make this film.

  • Renting the venue that we’re wanting to shoot at, is the main bulk of the filming costs at $1500 for 5 days of shooting.  A majority of the remainder funded will go to fulfill our perks!
  • Speaking of perks, We’ll be offering apparel, posters, credits, and even guest appearances.
  • If we don’t hit our goal, we’ll still be using the money for the same purposes, but may need to cutback the amount of days we get to shoot.

The Impact

This film is not only going to be a personal validation, but my hope is that people who are dealing with manic depressive disorder, or who know someone dealing with it, or even someone going through depression, and bullying, will be able to see my story and it will help, whether it’s to help them connect or empathize with someone going through this, or to motivate them to keep going when it seems hopeless.

Also, I hope that through the comedy aspects, it offers a form of relief, or a coping mechanism to deal with this.

Risks & Challenges

This is an experimental style, that I’m not aware of having been done in feature length form yet, but my story is too long to tell in a shorter form, and while my story is unique in specifics, I do think it’s common in broad strokes, and I think that a film audience, especially in our current time, will be able to get me, and my story, even if it’s not theirs.


Other Ways You Can Help

Thank you for checking out this page, and I get that not everyone can help financially, but you can share this on social media, or if you know someone who perhaps is connected with the issues of depression and manic depressive disorder, you could share it with them.

Thank you again!