Everything I’ve Got: A Collection of Short Stories, Poems, and Essays

by Michael Christopher Cole (as Michael Cole)

Through a collection of humorous and personal works, Michael Christopher Cole writes about everything from memories of his childhood, suicidal thoughts, a dystopic future in which men are only allowed to live for their necessity in procreation, and an assortment of other far ranging topics.

Michael Christopher Cole is currently a writer and editor, as well as one of the founding partners of Chocolate Diamond Media.

Short stories:

  • Nude
  • The Struggle
  • 24 Hour Window
  • My Very First Orgy
  • The Unkillable Cohens
  • The Girl with the Wrong Songs
  • Last Men
  • Gelato Shop
  • Shame
  • The Next Great American Novel
  • A Boy and a Boat
  • New Life
  • Fireworks in Denver
  • Idiots and Assholes
  • The Journey
  • Deposit


  • Resin
  • Relativity
  • Ode to ‘Fuck’
  • Things My Father Never Taught Me
  • Salt Spray
  • They Could Be Greener
  • Three Heartbeats
  • Mr. Depression
  • Mr. Happiness


  • Words to Get Rid of
  • A Neverending Series of Countdowns
  • Why I Hate Fall
  • Negative Positivity or Positive Negativity?

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