Product Photography


Why would you choose product photography? It seems to a lot of people like this is something that can be done by one’s self, but there are a lot of applications in which high quality, professional photographs are not only going to give you an advantage, but may be the deciding factor in purchase. Even if you’re not doing business directly online, it’s important to maintain a clear visual presentation of your goods.

In addition to the obvious places in which you may want to display your goods (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), there are spots which arguably more important, and sometimes less obvious. If you’re a restaurant, Yelp is an essential tool, and having pictures in addition to your good reviews is going to really connect with prospective customers, there are also vast array of different delivery options (i.e. GrubHub, UberEats, Eat24, Dine919) and if you have your menu represented with pictures, customers will connect and purchase your goods without ever having to come into your restaurant.

If you’re not a restaurant, there’s still a very strong probability that visual representation is going to engage potential customers. Most consumer goods rely on visuals. Do you buy things without knowing how the look? Only a minority of products sell without appealing in someway to a customer’s sense of sight. Whether you’re selling on Etsy, or through your own site, you need to have a visual style, so that there is a sense of connection between your goods, and an aesthetic that tells customers what your brand is. Does that mean your product is displayed ‘hovering’ in the white void? Or is it contrasting with a hardwood backdrop and staged alongside other enhancing props? These are all decisions that are important to really create a feeling, and to make sure that feeling is carried forward throughout a product line, or your brand as a whole.

Project Details


  • Create a photographic inventory that showcases your products
  • Help establish a brand and style
  • Show customers the product in an environment that connects naturally with the product’s use and enjoyment.


  • You will get my total attention and passion, on this project.
  • We’ll ensure that you have at least three photo options to choose from with each item, and work with you to ensure that we’re helping your vision for this project be realized fully.


Our Value to you

We will not only take photos of each of your products (or each item in a specific product line if you prefer) but will take multiple angles and setups, so that you can decide which one works best for the aesthetic that you want whether it’s on your own site, or something like Etsy, or Grubhub. Once we’re done with the shoot, we’ll color correct, and crop to give them a sense of belonging, but also to maintain the aesthetic and a sense of realism to the pictures, so that customers will have a good idea of exactly what they’re getting from you.

Beyond the sense of what the customer is getting from you, there is also keeping with your brand identity, and establishing something that people will feel a connection to. Repeat customers are essential to most business models, and while you have to be the ones to create a good product that keeps people coming back, in forming a cohesive look between your products and your brand as a whole, we can help to attract customers in the first place.

The Total Project Commission

How Your Pricing Will Differ

The big elements that are going to affect pricing, are whether or not we need to rent a location or hire a model, and how many products we’re photographing. The example above was for about 40 items at three different angled photos a piece, and we shot at the restaurant without any models. There are other factors, if we get into bigger physical items, like vehicles, we may need to pull permits to use certain locations, but if we’re talking about small consumer goods it is unlikely to vary too much beyond those initial three factors.

Final Deliverables

  • Color corrected, and fully edited photographs from angles and setups in order for you to pick the one that works best not only with your brand, but also the aesthetic of the site which they’ll be posted.
  • Raw files if you’d like them in order to reuse, or reedit for further use.

Next Steps

Get in touch with us, and give us an idea the scale of the project, and let’s start making a plan!