Lots of Excitement!

Adam and I have been developing a concept for a feature film, and I am excited to say that I’ve completed the first draft of a feature length script (although as it stands it’s way too long, so it will need to be refined quite a bit to get a really great final product).

I’m not going to say too much about the script, but what I will say is that my hope is that we can take the structure of our shorts like “Spooning”“Crying”, and The Problems with “Michael,” “Mike,” & “Mikey”, and turn it into a compelling feature length film.  The idea has been one we’ve been talking about since before we even started making our shorts, and our shorts have been a way for us to slowly start building our skill sets, and understanding how to make these types of shorts, so that hopefully we’ll be able to do it in long form.

We will continue to make shorts (however not all will be in this format) every month for the foreseeable future, because the truth is that they’re a lot of fun for us to make and have been a very rewarding process.  We’re currently working on the production of June’s short film, which I’m hoping will be the best so far.

Today we also released our third episode of “Back to Film School,” with this episode being about editing.  Check it out here:

Sometime this weekend we will hopefully have an episode of Mike and Sarah’s Best Picture Podcast discussing, 1945’s The Lost Weekend, starring Ray Milland and Jane Wyman (ex-wife to Ronald Reagan).