There is No Room for a New Video Business in this Economy

This is really tough to admit, but with everything going on, this isn’t the time for us to start up in the video business. The businesses that we were hoping to cater to when we started up in January, are surviving, but no one is doing well enough to spend money on video content. InContinue reading “There is No Room for a New Video Business in this Economy”

Where to Exhibit Work

When I decided to throw all my effort into making Chocolate Diamond Media my full time endeavor, I wanted to be strategic about how I did that. I wanted to make sure that I was spending money, but as importantly time in the right areas. One decision that came out of that, was to avoid YouTube.

My First Real Film Experience

The story of how I was an extra on the movie Fever Pitch, and how it cemented my love for filmmaking, and being on a film shoot.