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At Chocolate Diamond Media, we are here to help you realize your visual dreams; whether that be a beautiful video about your business, photographs of your products, or even professional recordings of special events.

All your needs, and more…

Ads, brand films, and more!

We specialize in creating meaningful, interesting, and eye catching videos, whether you want an ad that you can put on TV or Film venues, a branding film talking about your story and where your business comes from, or just well crafted short videos for your social media accounts, we can work with you to create the perfect video.

For many business owners, this can be the tough part of marketing. You’re unsure of where the line is between telling your story and selling your products and services, and the last thing you want to do is to blur the line further.
If you know exactly what you want, we can help you to achieve it. If you’re unsure, we can help you figure that out, and help your company to take a definitive step toward brand identity.

Product photography is something that many people think they can do on their own, because they think it’s all about getting a clean and clear image of the product, but aesthetic and ambiance can be equally important, whether you want your customers to see your product in a lived environment, or you want the stark contrast of your product in a void can send very different messages to your potential customers.

Product Photography

Whether you’re looking for individual pics of your items for a site like GrubHub, or wanting specific photographs for your own site, or Etsy, we can help you. We won’t just take clean images of the products, but we’ll discuss aesthetic, and whether or not the product should stand alone, or be staged for viewing.

Wedding & Event Videos

Your special day is coming, and we can capture it for you, all of the sights, the sounds, the vows, the dancing, we’ll capture it all in beautiful color, or tasteful black and white, and make a video that you can revisit whenever you want, and will capture the feeling of that wonderful day.

Wedding videography is often overlooked, or entrusted to a cellphone carrying friend, but with the right equipment and preparation, you can have a video that is its special memory of what will ultimately be one of the most special (albeit fleeting) days of your life.

What We’re Working With

Full 1080p Coverage

We currently use the Canon 80D for all of our filming, and photography which allows us full 1080p video, and 24.2 megapixel on photos.

Final Cut Pro X & Davinci Resolve

The combination of Final Cut’s robust non-linear editing suite, and Davinci Resolve’s color correction methods ensure the capability of cutting and coloring the best possible image for your video.

Filmmaking Passion

We’ve been using video, and editing software, for two decades, and the passion for the technology, and the process has only grown, and we’re looking to take projects that we’re also passionate about.

Marketing Prowess

We’re not only filmmakers, and video professionals, but have extensive experience in marketing, and know not only how to make quality content, but also how to market your products with SEO, hashtags, and high quality video.

Constantly evolving techniques, and growing equipment base to provide up-to-date content a step above the rest.

What Our Customers are Saying

Leah Krevat, Songwriter and Activist

Michael Cole is a great filmmaker. His choice of locations for my video were spot-on. His direction really helped me, and he was so supportive of my music.”

Anabel Rossbach, Owner of Che Empanadas

“They captured the feel of our restaurant, mixed it with our music request, and made a stunning video that we love.”